Our Services

We offer a fully comprehensive infrastructure and landscape service including irrigation system, operation and ongoing maintenance. We also have extensive nursery facilities for the production and establishment of a wide variety of special plant to supply our landscape schemes and to continue the development and variety within our on-going maintenance projects.


We take responsibility for the complete construction of the following:

  • Infrastructure (i.e. potable, sewage & storm water network, LV electrical & street lighting network)
  • Landscaping and Irrigation projects.
  • Each construction team consist of qualified managerial, supervisory and technical staff, who are fully experienced in all aspects of the associated works.


  • Landscape Design
  • Irrigation Design (Central System, Controllers, Main & Lateral Lines, Cabling, Shop drawings, as-built drawings, Hydrolic calculations & water requirement studies)


Our Design Department offers a fully professional service to a wide range of Clients including:
  • Public Parks
  • Palaces
  • Hotel
  • Complexes & Commercial Ventures
  • Private & Island Residences
  • Roads & Highways

With a greater awareness and concern over water consumption, our irrigation systems are designed to maximize water usage efficiency, automatically controlled to apply the exact quality of water required to maintain the landscape in pristine condition without wastage by over watering.

Golden Nails Landscape & Irrigation Design projects
Golden Nails Landscape & Irrigation Design projects
Landscape Maintenance in Doha, Qatar
Al Muntazah St. Extension Landscape Maintenance in Doha, Qatar
Landscape Maintenance in Private Villas in Doha Qatar
Landscape & Irrigation Maintenance in Ministry of Sports and Youth Doha, Qatar


Public parks , Sport Fields, Indoor Plants, villas, Palaces & green walls.

Services includes lawn mowing, hedges, groundcovers & trees trimming, pesticide control, fertilizing, planting, Irrigation network. 


  • We specialize in a complete turnkey swimming pool service, providing comprehensive assistance across all facets of swimming pool management. 

    Swimming pools contribute not only to the aesthetic appeal of a property, potentially increasing its value, but also function as recreational spaces fostering improved social interactions, strengthened family bonds, and a means to embrace a healthier, more active lifestyle. Aligned with a distinguished and forward-thinking industry partner, we collaborate with leading suppliers of cutting-edge heating technology and manufacturers crafting exquisite mosaic finishes. Combined with our extensive construction expertise, we are poised to deliver the most effective and highest quality standards in swimming pool services.

    Landscape & Irrigation Maintenance in Ministry of Sports and Youth Doha, Qatar


    We provide a complete package of sports surface construction services.

    Our services are ideal for

    New pitches, 

    Re-turfing and maintenance of existing pitches. 


    Our team is ready to support you if your project requirements :

    • Natural sports pitch construction 
    • Synthetic sports pitch construction 
    • Hybrid sports pitch construction